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Intel’s 2003 release of the mobile platform Centrino helped notebook makers in some aspects but also raised new problems. Intel took the responsibility for hardware compatibility and driver support but how was the manufacturer supposed to attract the customer to his notebooks if they were so similar in characteristics to other brands’ products? The makers of modern mobile computers take different approaches to solving this problem. Some of them experiment with the exterior design, others create the aura of elitism around their products, and others yet not only squeeze everything out of the available platform but try to enhance it with additional functionality.

Today I’m going to introduce to you a mobile computer that was born out of the developer’s effort to create a top-performance, original and multifunctional solution out of standard hardware components. It is the Qosmio F50-10K from Toshiba.

The Qosmio series combines high-performance multimedia solutions positioned as desktop PC replacements. The Qosmio F50-10K is a new representative of the series, based on the latest Centrino 2 platform that features 45nm Penryn processors with 1067MHz system bus. The multimedia aspect of this notebook comprises an advanced GeForce 9600M GT graphics card from Nvidia, an integrated TV-tuner, and a high-quality audio subsystem.

However, it is not the specifications and not even the extravagant design that are the most exciting thing about the Qosmio F50-10. It is one of the first mobile computers that, besides the traditional CPU and GPU, has a third processor, the so-called Toshiba Quad Core HD. In this review I will focus on this processor and the opportunities it opens before the user. I want to note it from the start that the high price of this notebook is not only due to this third processor. The exterior design and manufacturing quality contribute to it, too. Therefore, I suggest that we start out by looking at the notebook’s exterior.

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