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Finally I’d like to give you some objective information about the consumer properties of the Qosmio F50-10K notebook. I ran a few tests on it in Windows Vista Ultimate x86.

First of all I measured the notebook’s battery life. I had disabled its Wi-Fi and Bluetooth adapters and set the screen brightness at the maximum level before this test. Then I launched MobileMark 2007 that could measure the battery life for three usage scenarios: ordinary work, watching DVD, and reading text.

Just as the specifications promise, the notebook can work on its battery for less than two hours under medium load and somewhat more than two hours under light load. That’s not much, but the Qosmio F50-10K is not meant to be a traveling companion. It is a multimedia desktop replacement and its battery life is quite good for this positioning.

By the way, the Qosmio F50-10K recharges quickly. Its battery charge grows up from zero to 95% in about one hour, which is very fast.

Next I tested the notebook’s performance in PCMark Vantage.

The results suggest that the Toshiba Qosmio F50-10K is about as fast as a desktop PC with a Core 2 Duo E7200 processor.

The notebook’s graphics performance was tested in 3DMark06.

The GeForce 9600M GT graphics card installed in this notebook is not as fast as its name seems to imply. Frankly speaking, it is closer to cheap entry-level desktop cards like GeForce 9400 GT.

Is this enough for playing modern 3D games? Let’s see.

Notwithstanding the discrete graphics card, modern 3D games can only run fast on the Qosmio F50-10K at rather low graphics quality settings. This is not a gaming notebook, even though you can play games on it occasionally. Newest games can run fast at low settings while rather old games can even be played at high settings (excepting full-screen antialiasing). So, this notebook is not utterly hopeless when it comes to gaming.

Its case does not heat up much at work. The components have modest temperatures even under high load (the next screenshot was captured when the notebook was running 3DMark06 together with Prime95).

It is simple: the Qosmio F50-10K has a large case and it is easy to ensure proper cooling for its components. Unfortunately, the cooling system is rather noisy when the fan is working at its full speed. It doesn’t reach full speed often, though.

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