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It is hard to choose between the two notebooks we have compared in this review. The Dell Vostro 1400 and Toshiba Satellite U300-111 are both a kind of a sturdy workhorse for people who don’t want to spend extra money for super-light subnotebooks or super-fast desktop replacements but need a regular notebook for everyday work and periodical voyages. The difference in performance between these two models is due to the difference in the amount of system memory. It looks like 2 gigabytes of memory is the comfortable minimum for a modern computer. The Dell can instead offer a larger battery and, accordingly, a longer battery life. The battery makes it heavier, though.

So, the Satellite U300-111 is about half a kilo lighter than the Vostro 1400, which can make a difference if you are going to carry your notebook with you often (the weight of the notebook proper should be summed up with the weight of the bag and the power adapter). The difference in weight is accompanied with a difference in price. Toshiba’s offer doesn’t look expensive, though. It is far cheaper than subnotebooks and slightly more expensive than 12-inch models that have the same weight. Moreover, the Satellite U300 series is not limited to this model only. You can buy a cheaper version with the same weight/dimensions but a weaker processor (Pentium Dual Core), smaller hard disk, and with less of system memory. But again, we wouldn’t recommend you to save on system memory.


  • Simple and neat exterior design
  • Low temperature of the case and quiet operation
  • Wireless interfaces
  • Reasonable price


  • Glossy coating of the display
  • Scanty accessories
  • Easily soiled glossy surfaces
  • Minor flaws in keyboard design
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