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Ultra low-cost personal computers as well as ultra low-power computers are indisputably directions to watch. The question is really in the balance between capabilities, performance, battery life and price.

For the time being, netbooks seem to be a rather decent solution for someone, who does not want to spend a fortune on a high-end ultra-thin laptop or a rather disputable CULV (consumer ultra low-voltage) machine. One should understand though that in default configuration such a netbook would work for a couple of hours, whereas with advanced battery it will weigh more than a premium thin-and-light machine.

Advanced multimedia capabilities and high-quality screens are definitely becoming a must as netbooks are gaining popularity. The facts that Nvidia has already released a high-definition Ion/GeForce 9400M, AMD is offering appropriate processors and chipsets as well as Intel is about to launch its high-def core-logic for Atom are just proofs of that.

Nettops seem to be another story. People want performance out of their desktop PCs, which is something that Atom processors simply do not provide. In fact, even when paired with Nvidia’s chipsets with DirectX 10 and high-def video support, Atom-based nettops have turned to be popular.

As a result, dual-core low-power offerings from AMD along with its advanced chipsets may have a good chance in both nettops and all-in-one systems. Obviously, Nvidia GeForce 9400M/Ion along with Intel Celeron or Pentium processors are nice candidates as well.

Was the vox populi right at this time? Yes! Hardly anybody wants to have underperforming something with 9” screen, low-end processor, old graphics core and low battery life. Netbooks and nettops have to improve dramatically to become popular in the long term. At least, among our readers. 

All-in-all, just choose your PC strictly in accordance with your needs and you will never become disappointed.

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