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Zalman Trimon ZM-M220W Stereo Monitor Review
[09/18/08 | by Oleg Artamonov]

No matter how many polygons or light sources contemporary graphics cards can create in a single frame, the real world has one principal difference from the virtual world: it is truly 3-dimensional. Luckily, the situation is not hopeless. Meet the new stereo monitor from Zalman that changes it all.

Lenovo ThinkVision L220x Monitor: Comeback of PVA Matrix?
[08/29/08 | by Oleg Artamonov]

Lenovo ThinkVision L220x is an almost unique monitor for two reasons. Its 22-inch screen supports 1920x1200 resolution and is built using S-PVA matrix with remarkable viewing angles. Read more in our review!

19" LCD Monitor Roundup. Part XII: Budget Models
[08/26/08 | by Aleksey Meyev]

Today we are going to discuss 10 inexpensive LCD monitors with 19-inch diagonal and 5:4 aspect ratio. We will test solutions from Acer, ASUS, BenQ, LG, Samsung and Viewsonic.

19" LCD Monitors Roundup. Part XI
[08/12/08 | by Aleksey Meyev]

We continue testing 19” monitors from the leading makers such as ASUS, HannStar, LG, NEC and ViewSonic. This roundup will include models with 5:4 aspect ratio as well as widescreen ones with 16:10 aspect ratio.

19" LCD Monitors Roundup. Part X: Widescreen Models
[07/15/08 | by Aleksey Meyev]

Today we will discuss 10 widescreen LCD monitors with 19-inch matrix and 16:10 aspect ratio. We will talk about solutions from Acer, ASUS, BenQ, LG, NEC, Samsung and ViewSonic.

20" LCD Monitors Roundup. Part VI
[06/13/08 | by Oleg Artamonov]

Today we are going to discuss six inexpensive 20-inch LCD monitors for the office environment. These will be the solutions from NEC, Samsung and Viewsonic. Read our article for details!

Dual-Display Monitor: Samsung SyncMaster 2263DX Review
[05/05/08 | by Oleg Artamonov]

The idea to use two monitors on a single computer system is not that new. However, this article will represent its very unique implementation: a set including a regular 22-inch monitor and an additional 7-inch one. Read about a new Samsung solution in our detailed review!

24" LCD Monitors Roundup. Part II
[04/28/08 | by Oleg Artamonov]

Although TN matrices are an attribute of budget monitor models, they have not just penetrated the relatively expensive 24-inch monitor segment, but they tend to be a leader there already, at least judging y the number of new models announced lately. But is it necessarily a bad thing? Not very advanced characteristics of TN matrices are well compensated by their low price. Today we are going to talk about 6 monitors on such matrix from Acer, Dell, NEC and Samsung.

22" Monitors Roundup: Part 2
[04/09/08 | by Oleg Artamonov]

We continue testing monitors with 22-inch diagonal and TN+Film matrix. We will discuss 12 models from such well-known manufacturers as Acer, ASUS, Hannstar, LG, NEC and Samsung.

19" LCD Monitors Roundup. Part IX.
[02/20/08 | by Aleksey Meyev]

The new round of 19-inch LCD monitors testing will focus on the solutions using TN matrixes. We will look at a few widescreen models as well as those with the traditional 5:4 screen ratio from Acer, ASUS, NEC, Samsung and ViewSonic.

20" LCD Monitors Roundup. Part V
[12/21/07 | by Oleg Artamonov]

This article continues our series of reviews of 20” LCD monitors. Today we are going to discuss 9 models from Acer, Asus, Dell, Samsung and NEC using mostly TN matrix technology. Let’s find out what the market prospects of TN matrix in general are and how successful the reviewed models turned out to be.

LCD Monitors Buyer's Guide: Fall 2007
[10/30/07 | by Oleg Artamonov]

This article is intended to serve as a guide. Without delving into technicalities and features of each monitor we go through the list of currently available models, pointing out the most interesting offers. Hopefully you will find our advice alongside with the links to corresponding reviews in this Fall 2007 Guide helpful.

24" LCD Monitors Roundup
[10/22/07 | by Oleg Artamonov]

We’ve covered almost each and every existing diagonal in our LCD monitor roundups, from now-obsolete 15" models to newest 27" and 30" giants, but 23-24-inchers have remained out of our focus for some reason. Today we are going to make up for this omission by offering you a detailed review of 8 eight 23" and 24" monitors including solutions from Acer, Apple, Dell, LG, Samsung and ViewSonic.

19" LCD Monitors Roundup. Part VIII.
[10/11/07 | by Aleksey Meyev]

Another article in our 19-inch roundup series will be devoted to 12 monitor models from such well-known brands as ASUS, BenQ, HP, LG, NEC, Samsung and Viewsonic. Besides discussing their features we will also dwell on the details of brand name image-enhancing settings offered by the monitor makers these days.

20" LCD Monitors Roundup. Part IV
[09/07/07 | by Oleg Artamonov]

With this article I’m willing to introduce to you a few new models of 20" LCD monitors from different brands. You’ll find here monitors for work and for the home, affordable and not quite, with new widescreen matrixes as well as with the classic aspect ratio of 4:3. We will talk about 13 solutions from Asus, BenQ, Dell, HP, LG, NEC, Philips, Samsung and Viewsonic.

22" Monitors Roundup: Part 1
[08/12/07 | by Oleg Artamonov]

This roundup is all about 22" LCD monitors that have hit the shops but recently. A couple of years ago this diagonal just didn’t exist although 23" and larger monitors were already available and even enjoyed some popularity. So, we are going to discuss 7 22-inch models from BenQ, Dell, LG and Samsung.

Samsung SyncMaster 940UX: First USB-Monitor Reviewed!
[06/13/07 | by Oleg Artamonov]

Although USB connectors in monitors appeared many years ago, they have performed only secondary functions all this time. However, now Samsung Company offered an LCD monitor that is connected to the PC via the USB bus and can work without a graphics card. Read more in our exclusive review!

19" LCD Monitors Roundup. Part VII.
[06/11/07 | by Aleksey Meyev]

We continue our roundups of 19" LCD monitors with a native resolution of 1280x1024 pixels and an aspect ratio of 5:4. Although such products have been relegated to the bottom market segment, new models are still being released on a regular basis. Today we will introduce to you 12 new models from Acer, BenQ, LG, NEC, Sony and Samsung.

Xbit Labs Presents: LCD Monitors Testing Methodology Indepth
[06/10/07 | by Oleg Artamonov]

This article is an explanation of methods we use to test LCD monitors. It provides a list of tested parameters with remarks on their meaning, and a description of the measuring instruments. We will also offer you reference to all our previous articles discussing the testing approach we use, so that you could have all the clues to our extensive testing techniques in one place.

Closer Look at 19" Monitor Features. Part VI.
[05/21/07 | by Aleksey Meyev]

One more batch of 19-inch LCD panels have been tested in our labs. We would like to introduce to you 8 new widescreen 19” monitors that have an aspect ratio of 16:10 and a native resolution of 1440x900 pixels. Today we will look at solutions from ASUS, BenQ, Proview, Samsung and Viewsonic.