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Closer Look at 19” Monitors Features: Pixel Response Time and More!
[10/05/03 | by Oleg Artamonov]

This time we are going to review 11 monitors 19” and 18” big from Iiyama, LG, Nec, Samsung and Sony. We will not only look at the pixel response time parameter, which we always do, but will also explore such features as monitor brightness, contrast ratio, color temperature and quality of color rendition. We will help you make the right choice!

Closer Look at 17” LCD Monitors Features: Pixel Response Time
[07/17/03 | by Oleg Artamonov]

This time we reviewed thirteen 17” LCD displays in order to figure out not only their evident highs and lows, but also their real pixel response time, which definitely affects the image quality. Find out the best 17” LCD now!

Closer Look at 15” LCD Monitors Features: Pixel Response Time
[06/11/03 | by Oleg Artamonov]

One of the most important characteristics of liquid-crystal displays (LCDs) is pixel response time. We are taking a closer look at 7 mainstream LCD displays from the point of view of this particular parameter to see, which of them offers the best quality.

CRT, LCD, OLED: Evolution of the Screen...
[05/22/03 | by Andy Yaschenko]

Do you know where the today’s LCD displays come from? And where this industry is going to? OLED technology is going to be the next huge breakthrough in the display evolution. Our detailed investigation of the screen evolution history will help you to get ready for the new OLED era.

AcerView FP855 LCD Monitor Review
[07/04/00 | by Ilya Gavrichenkov]

LCD monitors are becoming more and more popular now. The prices get lower while the matrix size getsbigger. Today we took a look at one of the best today's LCD monitors from Acer.