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The average white brightness uniformity is 4.6% with a maximum of 12.0%. For black, the average and maximum are 4.5% and 15.6% respectively. There are no zones with conspicuously different levels of brightness. The monitor’s results in this test are quite acceptable.


The gamma curves are far from ideal at the default settings. They indicate that the value of gamma is too high. The characteristic bend in the right part of the diagram is indicative of excessive contrast. Added to that, the blue curve differs greatly from the others.


Color reproduction is more accurate at the reduced settings, but the gamma curves still differ from the theoretical one. So, you cannot get correct color reproduction from this monitor unless you calibrate it.

The color temperature setup isn’t high quality, either. The temperature dispersion is over 1000K for grays whereas white is 2000-3000K warmer than any gray. There is no warm mode here (with a color temperature below 6000K). As a result, the monitor nearly always produces a cold-looking bluish picture.


The color gamut differs from what we usually see. The monitor yields richer reds as its point of red is closer to the sRGB one. The point of blue has shifted from deep blues towards turquoise hues, though.

The response time average is 12.7 milliseconds (GtG) with a maximum of 23.7 milliseconds. This is a very good speed for an RTC-less matrix, yet the monitor is still far slower than RTC-enabled models.

The Flatron W1942T sports a high contrast ratio. It is over 400:1 in two out of the three test modes.

Finally, I will check out the factory-set images modes that are referred to as f-Engine technology. Dynamic contrast is also counted in among f-Engine modes but we have not yet developed a method for testing it.

Every f-Engine mode features a high contrast ratio but what about brightness? It may be comfortable to watch movies at high brightness, but reading text or surfing the Web is going to be a torture for your eyes.



The gamma curves indicate the same problems as at the default settings and without f-Engine. Added to that, the curves are now much different from each other in shape.

Thus, the Flatron W1942T has quite a lot of drawbacks and makes up for them with its low price only. I would recommend you to consider other models unless the questionable exterior design of this model appeals to you for some personal reason.


  • Inexpensive


  • Poor gamma curves
  • Low quality of color temperature setup
  • Poor setup of f-Engine modes
  • Slow matrix

Recommended usage:

  • Text-based applications (documents, spreadsheets, Web)
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