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Samsung SyncMaster 943N

The SyncMaster 943N is the junior model in Samsung’s new series that comes to replace the popular 940 line-up. The 943 series is meant to be practical, with a minimum of design extravaganza. It is going to be appreciated by professionals who don’t want to have any shiny and glossy things on their work desk.

There is nothing particularly interesting about the specifications. The viewing angles are wide (for a TN matrix) and the contrast ratio is high. The monitor also supports dynamic contrast with an eightfold brightness adjustment range. Response time compensation is the only technology missing here but that’s normal considering the non-gaming targeting of the 943N.

The monitor has a compact, neat and appealing case. The plastic of the case and the matrix are both lusterless. This model is available in two colors: with a black or silver front panel. I guess the black version looks better but some people may prefer silver which resembles the exterior design of the 940 series.

The stand has become more elegant. Its functionality varies as indicated by the model code. If the model code ends in AKSB or AKBB (the case color is silver and black, respectively), the stand is simpler, allowing to adjust the tilt of the screen and rotate the monitor around the vertical axis. If the model code ends in AESB or AEBB, the stand is more functional although resembles the older version. Besides the adjustment options available in the simpler stand, it allows to change the height of the screen and pivot the latter into portrait mode. The portrait mode isn’t very useful with a TN matrix, though. The vertical viewing angles of TN matrixes are too narrow to ensure comfort in portrait mode when they become horizontal angles. The monitor costs somewhat more with the more functional stand, of course. I think it’s good that the user has the option of such choice with an inexpensive product.

If you want to wall-mount the monitor, for example, you can replace its native stand with a VESA-compatible mount. You may want to buy the cheaper version of the monitor if you plan to do so.

Unfortunately, Samsung’s monitors with the letter N in the model name lack a digital interface. There is only an analog input here. I didn’t notice any problems with image sharpness, though.

The power adapter is integrated into the case like in most other modern monitors.

Samsung’s new series features touch-sensitive buttons. The buttons are as many and placed in the same manner as in previous models from this brand but you don’t have to press them now. Just touch them softly with your finger. The buttons respond correctly to every touch without misses or false responses. A quick sequence of touches is also processed correctly. There is a soft blue LED indicating power to the right of the buttons.

Quick access is provided to the auto-adjustment feature, to the brightness setting and to choosing a MagicBright mode. The button that used to select MagicBright modes in Samsung’s previous models can now be redefined in the monitor’s menu. Besides switching the MagicBright modes, it can now switch Color Effect and MagicColor modes. Color Effect is a new discoloring feature available in this series. A sepia-colored image looks funny, but I don’t think this feature has much practical value.

Except for the above-mentioned changes, the menu is the same as Samsung’s monitors have had for years. It is clear, handy and easy to use.

The monitor has 100% brightness and 75% contrast by default. I achieved a 100nit level of white by lowering both settings to 52%. Color gradients are reproduced correctly at any settings. Darks are also displayed properly. Lights become indistinguishable when you increase the level of contrast above the default one. The monitor regulates its brightness by means of backlight modulation at a frequency of 356Hz.

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