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The average white brightness uniformity is 6.5% with a maximum of 16.0%. For black brightness, the average and maximum are 6.9% and 16.5% and you can see that the bottom of the screen is brighter. The numbers are not very good, yet most users are going to be satisfied with them. This level of brightness uniformity can hardly be a big nuisance.


The gamma curves lie close to each other at the default as well as reduced settings but the value of gamma is too high, resulting in a high-contrast image. It is easy to solve this problem. You should go into the menu and change the gamma mode.

The color temperature setup is acceptable. The temperature varies by 1300K between the levels of gray. Darks are colder than lights and look bluish.


The monitor has a perfectly standard color gamut.

The response time average is 12.8 milliseconds (GtG) with a maximum of 27.4 milliseconds. That’s good enough for an RTC-less TN matrix. Such matrixes are steadily improving in terms of speed, yet they are still a long way from RTC-enabled matrixes which have been progressing as well.

The monitor’s brightness and contrast ratio are good.

As you know from our earlier reviews, Samsung’s MagicBright technology doesn’t affect color reproduction but only changes brightness, contrast and (in the Movie and Sport modes) color temperature. So, let’s check out the levels of brightness and contrast in each mode.

I guess this is an ideal selection of preset image modes. You can quickly adjust the monitor for the application at hand.

Next, let’s see what we have with MagicColor technology that affects the way of displaying colors.

As you can see, the levels of brightness and contrast differ but slightly between the modes.



The gamma curves are awful. Reds and greens are highly saturated in the Intelligent mode. In the Full mode blues become saturated as well, while about 20% of light greens are indistinguishable from each other.

Summing it up, I guess the series update is a success overall. The SyncMaster 943N, a junior model, has a nice appearance, handy controls, and good setup. The lack of a digital interface seems to be its biggest drawback. This monitor can be used at home as well as in the office.


  • Nice exterior design
  • Handy controls
  • Good setup of MagicBright modes


  • No digital interface
  • Slow matrix

Recommended usage:

  • Text-based applications (documents, spreadsheets, Web)
  • Movies and games that don’t require a fast matrix
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