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The 19-inch monitor market is becoming inexpensive. These monitors come at low prices but the downside is that they are all alike. They have fewer advantages whereas the users have to make their shopping choice basing on what drawbacks they are ready to put up with. However, 19-inch models are still popular, even though they meet more competition from inexpensive 20-inchers and even from 22-inch models based on slow TN matrixes. And there are a few interesting models and it would be wrong not to mention them in this conclusion.

First of all, it is the Samsung SyncMaster 943T which features a PVA matrix. It offers excellent viewing angles, a high contrast ratio, and a nice exterior design suitable for both office and home. It makes a good addition to the few *VA-based 19-inchers available on the market. Unfortunately, the 943T is not free from drawbacks. This monitor has highly nonuniform black brightness and does not have response time compensation, which makes it unsuitable for gamers who constitute the most demanding and numerous category of users of 19-inch monitors.

The ASUS VW198T represents the recently established class of widescreen 19-inchers with a native resolution of 1680x1050 pixels. Its small pixel pitch may be appreciated by some users.

The ASUS VK191D provokes some interest, too. Its specifications as of a display device are ordinary but it has an integrated web-camera with high image quality. This functional enhancement can hardly attract many customers, but it’s always good to have a wider choice of functional options.

And finally, the SyncMaster 943NW deserves a good word from me. This inexpensive monitor from Samsung’s new series features a nice appearance, handy controls, and good setup – quite a rare mix of characteristics to see in an entry-level product.

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