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ViewSonic VX1945WM

The specification doesn’t put the VX1945WM apart from the rest of the monitors, but take a look at the photographs to see this is not just yet another typical model on a slow matrix.

This monitor’s key feature is not its black glossy case, but the stand that accommodates a subwoofer and a docking station for iPod players. Strange as it may seem, those players are so tremendously popular as to make ViewSonic develop a special monitor for them. The mixture of black and silver with a bit of red looks very attractive, but the monitor looks bigger than its “classmates” due to the massive stand and the elevated position of the case.

The iPod docking station is in the center of the stand. It is large enough to take in almost any existing model. A set of adapters is included with the monitor so that junior, smaller, player models could be plugged in securely. Unfortunately, I couldn’t install any of the adapters since their juts did not fit into the holes in the connector. Hopefully, this problem is corrected in other samples of the product. To the left of the connector there is a subwoofer. Three USB ports, a subwoofer volume control, headphones and microphone connectors, and a Power button for the stand are located on the front edge. This Power button is indeed for the stand because the monitor’s controls, including its own Power button, are centered on its front panel below the matrix.

This elaborate stand only allows to adjust the tilt of the screen.

On the right side of the stand there is a multi-format card-reader with four slots for different memory card types.

At the back of the stand there are two plastic brackets to fasten cables going up to the monitor’s case. The caps conceal standard VESA-compatible fasteners, but I doubt anyone will use this monitor without its main feature.

The monitor offers a rather confusing abundance of connectors. In the niche at the back of the case there are the monitor’s analog and digital inputs, an audio input for speakers (the other end of this cable is going to plug into the monitor’s stand rather than into your system case), and a connector for the integrated power adapter.

The second set of connectors is located on the back of the stand. It includes the connector of an external power adapter for the stand-integrated devices (thus, this monitor needs not one, but two wall outlets), an input USB connector to connect the card-reader, iPod docking station and the USB ports in the stand to the computer, input and output (for the monitor’s speakers) audio connectors, and one more USB port.

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