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Acer X192W

This model comes from Acer’s new X2 series that represents the developer’s attempt to create a monitor with an appealing exterior design.

The Acer X192W has a high contrast ratio and rather large viewing angles according to its specs. Unfortunately, this difference is barely perceivable in practice especially if compared not with TN but with other matrix types.

The monitor’s got a black glossy plastic case. The stand and the back panel are matte. The block with the control buttons has become wider and merges into the rest of the case somewhat more organically. This is surely an improvement over the previous models. I guess many people are going to appreciate this design.

The monitor’s matrix is glossy, even glassy, too. That’s a questionable solution. Such a matrix ensures a higher contrast ratio but reflects everything you’ve got behind your back. Perhaps you enjoy looking at the reflection of your face in the monitor but bright light sources reflected in the screen are going to be a nuisance for everyone.

The stand still allows to adjust the tilt of the screen only. You can replace it with a VESA-compatible mount if you want.

The monitor’s got analog and digital inputs and an audio input for the integrated speakers. No headphones connector can be found here, though. The power adapter is built into the case.

As opposed to the previous model, the whole Power button is highlighted in green. Not quite conveniently, it is placed in the center and feels almost exactly like the other buttons to the fingers. It would also be easier to control the monitor with one hand if the buttons were closer to each other. Quick access is provided to the auto-adjustment feature, to choosing an Empowering Technology mode, and to the sound volume setting.

The menu is exactly like the previous model’s. It is rather good and free from obvious defects.

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