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NEC AccuSync LCD93VM

This review continues with a monitor from NEC’s inexpensive AccuSync series.

The specifications are no different from those of many other inexpensive TN-based monitors without RTC technology (the lack of it in this model is indicated by the specified response time). The low specified contrast ratio is the only thing that looks somewhat unusual to me.

The monitor is not much on the outside: a gray case without any decorations rests on a black plastic stand. It looks somewhat too angular and massive.

Like with the above-discussed models, the stand only allows to adjust the tilt of the screen. It can be replaced with a standard VESA mount if you want.

The back panel offers an analog video input and an audio input for the integrated speakers you can find on the front panel. There is a headphones socket on the front panel, too. The power adapter is integrated into the case.

The control buttons under the screen look plain. The Power button resembles the others but is separated from them with a LED indicator. Quick access is provided to the auto-adjustment feature and to the sound volume and brightness settings. Rather unexpectedly, when you press the latter buttons, an appropriate menu item rather than an individual adjustment scale, appears on the screen.

This is a typical menu of NEC monitors of this series. It offers a standard set of options, but has a few drawbacks. First, you can only see the current values of settings (for example, those of brightness and contrast) only after you enter the appropriate menu items, which have to be identified by icons because they lack text captions. Second, you can only leave the menu by time-out or by browsing with the buttons to the Exit item – there is no special button for quitting. And third, the monitor doesn’t remember the setup option you changed last. The good thing is that you can reset any setting to its default value independently of the others.

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