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Acer Ferrari F-20

This is in fact a tuned-up version of the above-described AL2032WA. Having the same characteristics, the two differ in the color of the case. The F-20 also features an integrated TV-tuner.

The aggressive red color of the case and the yellow Ferrari emblem leap into your eyes as soon as you cast a glance at this monitor (the front panel is black, though). But putting the coloring aside, you realize that it is in fact a replica of the AL2032WA, with the same case and stand. What puts these two models even closer together is the bright blue LED indicator on the right of the screen, which doesn’t fit well at all with the Ferrari-style design.

The stand permits to adjust the tilt of the screen. It is all made of metal and is steady enough despite its moderate size.

The first group of connectors is located at the back of the case, under the stand. It includes a power connector (the monitor comes with an external power adapter), an analog D-Sub and a line audio input.

In a nearby compartment, under a plastic cap, there are SCART and digital DVI connectors. As I said in the section about the AL2032WA, it is strange that the DVI is placed here because the monitor is most likely to be connected to the computer via this very interface.

The third and last group of connectors is located on the monitor’s side: S-Video and composite video inputs, one more audio input and an antenna input for the TV-tuner.

The monitor’s controls are divided into two groups: the main one is on the right edge of the case and includes a Power button, and buttons to open up and navigate the onscreen menu. The Up and Down buttons allow to quickly adjust the volume of the integrated speakers when outside the menu.

The second group of buttons is placed at the bottom. While it is just a single button to switch between the inputs on the AL2032WA, there are as many as three buttons here on the F-20 (the two additional buttons switch between the TV-tuner’s channels).

You receive a remote control with the monitor. Being small and rectangular, it doesn’t evoke any associations with Ferrari or even with ergonomics. The buttons all have the same size and shape and are placed at an equal distance from each other. As a result, it’s very inconvenient to use the control by touch (an accidental press of the Power button is very irritating because the monitor just shuts down after that). I wonder why they couldn’t have designed a remote control that would better match the price and status of the monitor it is included with.

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