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In a higher price category there are Sony SDM-S205K and Samsung 214T. The SDM-S205K is a good monitor for work that has one special feature – it can serve as a KVM switch for two computers. But I fear its high price is going to repel quite a lot of potential customers.

The SyncMaster 214T is an ambiguous product. Compared with the 215TW, it offers more setup options, but loses in terms of price. After all, it is just an ordinary home monitor for which accurate color reproduction setup isn’t too important. So, the 215TW looks better in every respect except in one case: you should consider the 214T if you want to buy a good 21” monitor with an aspect ratio of 4:3 rather than 16:10. I doubt there will be many such users because widescreen models are generally better for work as well as for movies and games.

Next go monitors with integrated TV-tuners, Acer Ferrari F-20 и Sony MFM-HT205. Both are narrowly-targeted and not very well-made models: you want to have a monitor without obvious defects for that sum of money, yet the F-20 and the MFM-HT205 both have them (the latter has fewer defects than the former but costs more). So, you should better buy a better-quality monitor for much less money and a separate TV-tuner unless you just can’t live without a TV-tuner in your monitor.

It is the NEC MultiSync LCD2190UXi that resides on the top of the podium. It is a semi-professional monitor, just a step lower than SpectraView series models. This is an excellent monitor with a huge number of setup options, all the functionality you might ever need, and with a very accurate factory setup. Moreover, you can enable response time compensation in your LCD2190UXi to have a rather high response time in games. Still, you should think twice before purchasing this very expensive product. If you need just a good monitor for home use, you may want to consider other models because most of the options offered by the LCD2190UXi will remain uncalled for.

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