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Samsung SyncMaster 205BW

This is the third and last, as of today, model in Samsung’s new monitor series. It differs from the other two mainly with its matrix. This time, however, the different matrix – a widescreen one with a native resolution of 1680x1050 pixels – made it necessary to use a different case.

The monitor specs declare viewing angles as measured by a contrast drop to 5:1 and a response time as measured on gray-to-gray transitions. The latter thing usually implies that the monitor supports response time compensation, but I know from my earlier tests that TN+Film matrixes with RTC yield a GtG response time of 4 milliseconds or less. Here, the speed is 6 milliseconds. It may be a “mild” version of RTC (like in the NEC LCD2190UXi with its relatively small acceleration) or another of manufacturers’ little tricks. Let’s check it out.

The SyncMaster 205BW looks like the two previous models, except for the proportions of the screen.

The massive base permits to change the tilt and height of the screen, but doesn’t support the portrait mode. The height can be adjusted from 65mm to 145mm, so you can easily adapt the monitor to any desk.

The SyncMaster 205BW has analog and digital interfaces and an integrated power adapter. The digital interface is declared to support HDCP, the new technology to protect video stream against unauthorized copying that is planned to be used with Blu-ray and HD DVD media (most music studios do not implement this protection yet because there is a lot of equipment still in use that does not support HDCP).

The monitor is controlled in the same way as the 203B and 204B: cute buttons, exactly the same menu and setup options. The MagicBright button offers five presets, besides the user-defined settings: Text, Internet, Game, Sport and Movie. A color saturation enhancement feature called MagicColor is available, and you can also choose from among three variants of gamma. I tested the monitor with disabled MagicColor and in Gamma Mode 1.

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