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I was grumbling at the lack of a digital interface in the previous model, and the VW202T has it but costs just a little more money. Let’s see if the DVI connector is the only thing that’s different between these two models.

The monitor has ordinary specifications: a TN matrix without response time compensation but with dynamic contrast technology that explains the high specified contrast ratio.

The two models from ASUS are no different on the outside: a neat black case with a black plastic stand and a silvery streak with control buttons.

The stand allows adjusting the tilt of the screen only. It can be replaced with a standard VESA mount.

The monitor has analog and digital (DVI-D) video inputs.

The control buttons are the same as in the previous model. Quick access is provided to switching between the Splendid modes, to the auto-adjustment feature, and to the sound volume of the integrated speakers. You can switch between the monitor’s inputs from the main menu only.

The menu is no different from the one of the VW202S. Not very ergonomic, it is also rather sluggish. Some of the features such as dynamic contrast, sharpness and saturation are unavailable in the Standard mode for some reason. You can only enable them from a mode other than Splendid.

An advantage of this monitor is its ability to adjust the aspect ratio of the displayed image: the menu offers two options, Full and 4:3, so you can display a non-widescreen picture normally.

Interestingly, the settings can be changed just as you want in each of the Splendid modes (in most other monitors such predefined modes are not editable). Each mode can be reset to its defaults independently of the others by choosing it in the main menu and pressing the Menu button. The only annoying thing is that it takes a couple of seconds to switch from one mode to another, and you can only move through them in a loop, one by one.

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