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It’s not the first my review in which I cannot single out an overall leader among the tested products. None of the monitors is blameless.

However, Samsung’s new 43 series is noteworthy as it includes neat monitors that would look well both at home and in the office. They are practical and have acceptable setup quality. If you are looking for an office monitor, the SyncMaster 2043NW and 2043WM seem to be the best choice. But do not forget that they come with slow 5ms matrixes if you are buying a monitor for home, i.e. for playing games. Besides, the 2043WM model is not set up well in terms of color reproduction. Well, there are actually but few modern monitors in the inexpensive category that are set up perfectly.

The SyncMaster 2053BW is the more interesting option when it comes to gaming. It allows you to adjust its RTC mechanism even though not exactly in the way I would like.

NEC’s monitors are a real disappointment, especially the junior AccuSync LCD203WM that has problems with delivering a sharp image and lacks a digital input. The LCD205WXM is better but not free from drawbacks, too. Its sloppy color reproduction setup and unhandy menu are accompanied with a rather high price. It costs about the same money as a 22” model with similar characteristics.

Finally, the ViewSonic VG2030wm is a complete failure. It has acceptable parameters and setup but is downright terrible from an ergonomics standpoint. ViewSonic’s designers seem to have tried to pack all possible ergonomic flaws into one monitor – I just don’t comprehend to what purpose?

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