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Samsung SyncMaster 2043WM

The next model from Samsung’s new series is more interesting. Designed alike to the 2043NW, it features integrated speakers (indicated by the letter M in the model name) and a digital interface.

The monitor’s specs are no different from the previous model’s: a TN matrix with good (for this technology) viewing angles and without response time compensation.

The monitor resembles the previous model externally with the addition of the bottom band for the integrated speakers. The speakers are small and sunken into the case, so they are not conspicuous and don’t spoil the monitor’s appearance. The SyncMaster 2043WM comes in two colorings: matte black (as in the photo above) and black-and-silver.

The stand has been revised considerably. The 2043WM has a fully functional stand that allows to adjust not only the tilt but also the height (from 70 to 155mm) of the screen and to pivot it into portrait mode. Well, the vertical viewing angles of TN matrixes are still not wide enough to ensure comfortable conditions in portrait mode when they become horizontal viewing angles. The native stand can be replaced with a standard VESA mount.

The SyncMaster 2043WM is equipped with analog, digital and audio inputs. There is also a headphones socket on the front panel.

The buttons are the same as on the 2043NW except that there is quick access to the sound volume instead of the brightness setting. You can also quickly switch the inputs, launch the auto-adjustment procedure, and select a MagicBright mode. The latter button (it is labeled as a square with an upward-pointing arrow) can be redefined in the monitor’s menu so that it switched MagicColor (increases color saturation), ColorEffect (discolors or tones the image) or interpolation modes (two variants, 16:10 and 4:3).

Every button, including the Power one, is touch-sensitive. The buttons react correctly, without misses or false responses, and process quick presses normally. The Power indicator is placed to the right of the buttons. It is blue and not very bright, but you cannot disable it. It is blinking blue when the monitor is in sleep mode.

The monitor has Samsung’s traditional menu, which is clear and handy. Among special settings I can note the above-mentioned MagicBright, interpolation mode selection, and the option of redefining one of the front-panel buttons.

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