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EIZO ColorEdge CG21

While the above-described UX21LCD had some additional color management capabilities, the ColorEdge CG21 is a monitor specifically intended for professional work with color.

The CG21 is made in a matte dark-gray case with a minimum of contrasting details: flat control buttons, flush with the case surface, a Power indicator that can be disabled in the menu, a ColorEdge sticker (easily removable), and a small EIZO logo in the bottom left corner (the only not-black detail you cannot get rid of). I personally think other manufacturers would do well to follow EIZO’s example rather than to use ultra-bright light-emitting diodes that don’t just serve as indicators but yield enough light to illuminate a small room. No doubt, a monitor in a silvery-black case with shiny inserts and an inch-wide indicator at the center of the front panel is going to be the first to catch the visitor’s attention in a shop, but it is much more pleasant to work at monitors like the CG21 where the extra decorations do not distract you from what’s going on on the screen.

The base allows to portrait-orient the monitor, to adjust the height of the screen from 11.5 to 19.5cm (from the desk to the bottom edge of the screen), to correct the tilt of the screen and to rotate it around the vertical axis.

The ColorEdge CG21 is equipped with two connectors: an analog D-Sub input and a universal DVI-I input through which the monitor can be connected either to analog or digital output of the graphics card. The USB port located nearby is necessary for the monitor’s exclusive calibration program. It cannot work via DDC/CI, but this may be even better since compatibility issues are unlikely to occur with a USB connection and happen with DDC/CI, at least as yet.

The monitor’s controls are made in such a way as to least attract the eye. They are the same color as the front panel and are on the same level with it. They’re quite handy, though. The buttons are large and sink down easily. Their labels are easily readable.

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