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NEC MultiSync LCD2070NX

The new model from NEC on a 16ms matrix from LG.Philips LCD resembles the LCD1970NX that I have reviewed earlier on our site in the article called Closer Look at the 19" Monitor Features. Part III. They have rounded the corners of the case to get rid of the air of clumsiness and bulkiness, but I still hesitate to call this monitor compact because of the large base.

This base allows adjusting the tilt of the screen as well as its height from 65 to 175 mm (I measure it as the distance from the surface of the desk to the bottom border of the onscreen image, the screen being positioned vertically). Like the Acer AL2021, this monitor doesn’t offer the portrait mode.

The MultiSync LCD2070NX is equipped with both analog and digital inputs, and with a 4-port USB hub. You can also optionally purchase a speakers block which is attached to the bottom of the case and connected to the monitor’s DC-Out connector (you can’t see it in the snapshot above – this connector is located on the other side of the case, near the power connector). The price of this additional block is, however, rather high, so you may want to prefer ordinary multimedia speakers instead.

Once again I had problems with the control joystick. It would get stuck in the bottom position with the LCD1970NX. Here, it doesn’t respond clearly to your pressing it down – you have to press it down and slightly to the right. The remaining three positions work without problems, however, and you can also use the NaviSet utility if necessary. This program allows controlling the monitor from Windows via a DDC channel.

The onscreen menu is made in the same style as the LCD1970NX’s menu. It would be very handy, if the joystick worked better. You can quick-access the brightness and contrast settings, switch between the inputs, and browse between DV Modes. This latter feature seems to be analogous to brightness/contrast presets like LG’s LightView and Samsung’s MagicBright but DV Mode changes the gamma exponent rather than the contrast ratio. I’m not sure about the reason for this solution – for a correct reproduction of colors it is better to adjust brightness and contrast.

You don’t have to use the controls located on the monitor, if you don’t want to. This model comes with a Windows-based NaviSet utility that allows controlling the monitor via the DDC/CI protocol (in other words, no extra cables are necessary). The utility becomes a tab in the monitor’s and graphics card’s properties window and offers more options than the monitor’s onscreen menu.

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