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By default, the monitor’s brightness is set to 100%, contrast to 50%. By selecting 38% brightness and 40% contrast I achieved a screen luminosity of 100 nits. The brightness of this monitor is controlled through modulation of the power of the backlight lamps at about 450Hz. I want to note that the contrast setting should be kept below 50%. Otherwise, the monitor stops to distinguish between light color tones.

I have no complaints about the image quality as perceived by the eye. The backlighting is uniform, smooth color gradients are reproduced without flaws, and there are no problems with image sharpness even with the analog connection. The speed of the matrix is very good, too. The viewing angles are more than sufficient for comfortable work.

The green and red color curves look very neat while the intensity of blue is noticeably lower than necessary. And if you use the DV Mode feature, the gamma exponent changes, distorting the reproduction of colors. For example, the monitor doesn’t differentiate between dark colors in DV Mode 3:

So I don’t recommend you to use the DV Modes at all. It would be better to adjust the brightness/contrast settings as you see fit.

The monitor offers a selection of six color temperature settings, and the table above shows you the real temperatures of different levels of gray (from a 25% dark gray to pure white) at each of these settings. As you see, the monitor’s setup is good, although not perfect.

The response time of this monitor is even better than that of the Acer AL2021. It is only 25 milliseconds at the maximum and coincides with the declared 16 milliseconds on black-white-black transitions.

The LCD2070NX also features a good maximum brightness of white color, sufficient for any application. On the other hand, its contrast ratio isn’t very good.

So, the MultiSync LCD2070NX is another good monitor suitable for both home and work, with a good reproduction of colors, excellent viewing angles, and a very low response time. Unlike the Acer AL2021, it has handier controls, a better analog input (but again, I strongly recommend you to use the DVI-D connection), screen height adjustment, and a built-in USB hub. On the other hand, its price is higher than the price of the AL2021, so you should see for yourself if these advantages are worth the extra money.

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