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Samsung SyncMaster 213T

Although the 20” S-PVA LTM201U1 matrix is marked as “mass production” on the Samsung Electronics website, the company hasn’t yet revealed a monitor on it. That’s why I have to review an out-dated 21.3” SyncMaster 213T which came out as long as two years ago. This is a very long time for this market sector indeed. On the other hand, this model is still attractive due to its very low price of less than a thousand US dollars, i.e. at the level of inexpensive 20” monitors.

The SyncMaster 213T is made in a cute and neat silvery case (this is painted plastic rather than aluminum as in the top models 173P and 193P). The base allows to tilt the screen, to adjust its height, to rotate it around the vertical axis and – unlike with the above-reviewed models – to use it in the portrait mode. Despite the not very small dimensions, the monitor doesn’t look bulky at all.

The monitor is equipped with an in-built power adapter and both digital and analog inputs. Alas, the functionality of the DVI input is limited: if you use this connection, the contrast and color temperature settings become blocked in the monitor’s menu. This is in fact the typical behavior of Samsung’s older monitors – but two or three-year-old models with a smaller diagonal have long disappeared from the market, while the 213T just hasn’t got a successor as yet.

The monitor is controlled with five buttons located on its front panel (the sixth button turns power on). The auto-adjustment, switching between the inputs and the brightness setting can be accessed quickly. The MagicBright feature that allows to browse quickly through several brightness/contrast presets in newer Samsung monitors, is missing here.

The monitor’s onscreen menu looks humble against modern models. It can’t boast any extended setup options, but it is easy to use anyway.

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