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Mitsubishi DiamondPoint UX21LCD

This monitor is made in an angular case typical for the previous generation of NEC/Mitsubishi monitors (I consider the above-described NEC LCD2070NX as a representative of the new generation), but while this case used to look bulky and awkward in smaller monitors, it looks much better in this large model. As I’ve mentioned NEC (as you may know, NEC and Mitsubishi started a joint LCD monitor manufacture some time ago), I should also note that the UX21LCD is analogous to NEC’s MultiSync LCD2180UX model. The monitor uses a SA-SFT matrix from NEC. This is in fact the well-known S-IPS technology, selling under a proprietary brand.

The monitor’s base permits to adjust the height and tilt of the screen. You can also turn the screen around into the portrait mode.

The DiamondPoint UX21LCD is equipped with two independent inputs, each of which can take in either analog or a digital source. The first input is the universal DVI-I, and the second input is divided into a DVI-D and a D-Sub connector that can work only with digital and analog signal, respectively. The DC-Out connector located nearby is the power connector for optional speakers which can be hung on the monitor’s case.

The control buttons, seven in total, aren’t very handy. They are small and hard to press down. Yet your controlling options are far greater than that…

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