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ViewSonic VX2255wmb

I will end this review with a home multimedia monitor from ViewSonic. This model has integrated speakers as well as a web-camera.

The key parameters of the five monitors included into this review are almost identical. They differ slightly in terms of specified viewing angles and brightness/contrast, but as you could see in our reviews the promised numbers do not always match the real ones.

The monitor would be pretty enough if ViewSonic’s designers were not so fond of tall stands as in the VG2030wm model. The VX2255wmb has a tall stand, too. Fortunately, it doesn’t have speakers in its front panel (they are hidden well out of sight), and the screen is not as high up as in the VG2030wm, yet it is not really low, either. It won’t be comfortable to work at the VX2255wmb if you’ve got a tall desk or a low chair.

The monitor’s case is made from black glossy plastic, excepting the silvery ornamental stripe that goes along the bottom edge of the front panel. The overall appearance is elegant and appealing. Unfortunately, the black glossy surface makes dust, greasy fingerprints and small scratches all too visible.

Besides black, the company offers a glossy-white version of the VX2255wmb.

I’d like to thank ViewSonic’s designers for the appearance of the monitor’s back panel. This panel gets no designer’s attention in most models, but the VX2255wmb won’t be ashamed to stand with its back to the guests, for example if you put it on a secretary’s desk. The only missing thing is a cover for the connectors at the bottom part of the panel.

The stand allows to adjust both the tilt and height of the screen. The monitor remains rather tall even in the bottommost position, however, as you can see in the photos above.

The stand can be replaced with a VESA-compatible mount if necessary.

The monitor is equipped with analog and digital inputs, a USB connector for the web-camera and a line audio input for the integrated speakers. I have seen monitors that allowed to connect their speakers, camera and microphone all with a single USB cord, but the VX2255wmb has it the old way. It doesn’t have a USB hub, either.

The web-camera is integrated into the top center of the front panel. It is immovable, so you can’t adjust its angle of view.

The monitor’s controls are placed on its right panel. They are most unhandy. I guess the VX2255wmb is almost as worse in this respect as some models from LG in which the buttons are located at the back panel. The controls are small and sit close to each other. They are all stiff and have the same size and shape. The black labels on the black plastic can be only seen at a certain angle and under good lighting. Added to that, the buttons called Menu/Exit and Select in most monitors from other brands are denoted as “1” and “2” here.

Quick access is provided to the sound volume setting of the integrated speakers.

The onscreen menu follows ViewSonic’s traditional style. It might be good enough if it were not for the unhandy buttons and a few small but annoying things in the menu design.

Can you guess what option is selected in the photo above, Contrast or Brightness? Yes, it is Brightness which has a narrow black edge to the left and top of it. This seems to be a trifle, but such trifles accumulate to spoil the overall impression from a product.

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