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Unfortunately, there are fewer and fewer really interesting models left in the segment of 20-22-inch monitors. And today I have tested five rather standard products based on same-type matrixes. I’ll give you a brief summary on every of them now.

NEC’s LCD22WV and MultiSync LCD225WNX disappointed me rather. Although cheap, the former has an unassuming exterior, poor color reproduction, and no digital interface. The latter might be appealing as an office or even home monitor for users who prefer modest design and don’t need a fast matrix but its price is rather too steep for its class.

Samsung’s SyncMaster 225MW and 2243BW just ask for a comparison with the LCD225WNX. The former is somewhat more expensive than the NEC but far superior in design and functionality. It has an integrated TV-tuner and a rich selection of video inputs. The other is a good office model that matches the NEC in functionality and ergonomics but costs considerably less.

And finally, the ViewSonic VX2255wmb is good for its class in terms of setup quality. It might make a good monitor for home and office but the designers made it pretty, yet not quite ergonomics-friendly. As I have noticed in my recent reviews, this is a common problem of ViewSonic monitors. Hopefully, the manufacturer will solve it soon.

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