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Samsung SyncMaster 225BW

In an earlier review we already discussed Samsung’s new series of 20” monitors with TN matrixes, including the widescreen SyncMaster 205BW. The SyncMaster 225BW is in fact an enlarged version of it. These two models do not differ in their specs except for the different size of the screen.

Alas, the 225BW lacks response time compensation as is indicated by its specified speed of 5 milliseconds. It also lacks a dynamic contrast mode, so the specification shows an unexciting three-digit number.

The monitor employs one of Samsung’s standard case types, with a silvery front and a black rear panel. There are no glossy elements in this design. It is unpretentious but neat and pleasant, especially in an office environment.

The 225BW is shipped in two versions, with or without speakers, which differ by $15-20 in price. You can spend this money for a couple of ordinary desktop PC speakers that would provide a higher sound quality (just because the dynamic heads of monitor speakers are severely limited in size) but they have one drawback as they occupy an additional space on your desk.

The speakers for the SyncMaster 225BW are designed like a long narrow strip that is to be hung on to the monitor’s bottom.

There is a volume control on the right butt-end of the speakers (it is an ordinary wheel of a variable resistor) that also turns the speakers’ power off. It is accompanied with a LED indicator, and microphone and headphones connectors.

On the reverse side there are connectors for attaching the speakers to your PC. The speakers don’t have a power adapter of their own. They are connected to the monitor’s power adapter via a special connector on the monitor’s case.

The SyncMaster 225BW is supported by Samsung’s standard stand for this case type. It is not too compact or elegant, but its functionality is wide. You can tilt the screen, rotate it around the vertical axis and adjust its height within 10 to 20 centimeters (the stand can be fixed in the bottommost position with a wire pin for easier transportation). There is no portrait mode here, but it is not very valuable on monitors with TN matrixes.

The stand can be replaced with a VESA mount if necessary.

The monitor is equipped with analog and digital inputs and an integrated power adapter. There is a small round connector to the right of the D-Sub. It provides power to the speakers.

The monitor’s controls are almost perfectly designed. They are just simple round buttons on the bottom right of the front panel, with clear and readable black icons. The Power button is highlighted with a blue LED when the monitor is turned on and begins to blink in Sleep mode. This indicator cannot be disabled. The option of disabling it will only appear in the SyncMaster 2032BW and 2232BW models.

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