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LG Flatron L226WTQ

This model from LG differs from the previous one by only one letter in the name and is meant to solve the problem of high response time.

The models’ characteristics coincide in everything save for the response time. The L226WTQ features an RTC-enabled matrix with a specified speed of 2 milliseconds GtG. This monitor is likely to satisfy devoted gamers.

The tested sample of the L226WTQ combines a milky white with black. It looks splendid in the shop window as well as on a desk but you have to clean it frequently to keep its nice looks (a napkin is included into the box).

The case design doesn’t differ from the above-described L226WT. The stand allows to change the tilt of the screen and to rotate the monitor around the vertical axis. It can be replaced with a VESA mount if necessary.

The monitor’s got analog and digital inputs and an integrated power adapter.

The control buttons are placed on the left of the bottom edge of the case. Labels and icons are painted on the front panel and are easily visible, yet it is still inconvenient to use the buttons.

This is the ordinary menu of LG monitors, logical and user-friendly. It offers the option of disabling the blue Power indicator (which is large and may be distracting in darkness) but lacks any image interpolation options. This is normal for widescreen monitors with TN matrixes whereas monitors with *VA or S-IPS matrixes usually offer such options.

Like the L226WT, the monitor can be controlled with the forteManager program. When you install it, the rather useless EZ Zooming button begins to work. It switches the display resolution in Windows between the native 1680x1050 and 1440x900.

Quick access is provided to the f-Engine modes, to selecting the input and to the automatic adjustment of analog signal. You have to open the monitor’s main menu to adjust the brightness and contrast settings.

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