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The RTC error level is quite high at 14.1%, which is quite a poor result for a PVA matrix. But as three PVA-based monitors (from Dell, NEC and Samsung) had similar results in my tests in terms of response time and RTC errors, I’m inclined to think that it is the matrix manufacturer’s rather than the monitor maker’s fault.

The color temperature setup is excellent. It is only in the two coldest modes that the temperature dispersion between the levels of gray is over 500K. Besides, the available modes cover the entire range of temperatures, from warm to cold.

The contrast ratio is high as well, over 400:1. The max brightness didn’t make it to the specified level, yet it is quite enough for any possible application. I guess the user may want to lower it rather than otherwise.

As mentioned above, the monitor not only offers a few factory-set image modes grouped under the name of DV Mode technology, but also a button for accessing them quickly. So, this feature may be useful if the modes are set up properly.

Alas, each mode is too bright. For most users who buy this monitor for home and do not use it under direct sunlight, the Text mode will be suitable for games and movies while the other modes are just excessively bright. The monitor should be set up manually for working with text.


That’s not the only problem, though. The contrast setting is too high in the Gaming mode, resulting in a loss of all lights which are displayed as pure white. Moreover, the three curves go far from each other, so the gray balance is not good, either.

The same is true for the Movie mode.


The Photo mode is supposed to have as accurate color reproduction as possible but the level of green is too high in it. The resulting image has a greenish hue and also lacks some of the lightest halftones.

Thus, the Text mode is the only one with a normal brightness and without serious defects in terms of color reproduction.


  • PVA matrix
  • Good response time
  • Good color reproduction setup


  • Low uniformity of white brightness
  • Sloppy setup of DV Modes
  • High level of RTC errors

Recommended usage:

  • Text-based applications (documents, Internet, etc)
  • Viewing and simple editing of photographs
  • Movies and games (including those that require a fast matrix)
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