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This review actually covers all widely available 3D monitors with a screen larger than 22 inches and a native resolution of 1920x1080. Other alternatives are either not available in shops or offered in specific regions of the world only.

I should confess that neither model showed anything exceptional in my tests. But while the LG Flatron W2363D is overall just as good as ordinary TN-based gaming monitors in terms of 2D image quality and adds to that with its support for high-definition stereoscopic imaging, the Acer GD245HQ is an utter disappointment with its firmware flaws which result in nasty visual artifacts in 2D mode.

Thus, the LG Flatron W2363D seems preferable of the two if you want an all-purpose monitor. But if you already have a main monitor and want to buy a second one for gaming, the GD245HQ may be a better choice due to its eye-catching design and more flexible settings.

I would also wish that Acer answered users’ requests and corrected the disappointing flaws of the GD245HQ model.

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