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Onscreen Menu and Setup Options

The Acer GD245HQ offers the same settings as many other modern inexpensive TN-based monitors.

Pressing any button opens up an introductory menu with the following items:

  • Opening the Empowering Technology menu (a few preset image modes for different usage scenarios)
  • Auto adjustment (this setting isn’t very useful for a monitor which is best connected via DVI)
  • Going to the main menu
  • Sound volume adjustment
  • Choosing the video input to use

The Empowering Technology menu offers four preset modes besides Standard in which the image-enhancing technologies are all turned off. Three of these modes are not editable and the fourth one is user-defined.

The image enhancements are achieved by increasing color saturation, contrast and sharpness for games and movies. People who prefer natural-looking colors won’t like this Empowering Technology, I guess.

The main menu is ordinary, too. The first screen allows you to adjust Brightness, Contrast and Color Temperature and to access the abovementioned image enhancement modes. Most of the items are not available as they refer to the analog connection only.


The second screen contains but one setting that pertains to the onscreen menu itself.

The monitor’s technical settings can be found in the third screen. You can choose an interpolation mode here: full screen, with restrained proportions or pixel-per-pixel. The Adaptive Contrast Management (ACM) option enables dynamic contrast technology.

The last menu screen offers some information about the monitor: serial number and operation mode.

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