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LG Flatron W2363D

Now I am going to take a look at a 23-inch 3D monitor from LG.

Exterior Design and Ergonomics

Contrary to the Acer GD245HQ with its eye-catching contrasting orange stand, the Flatron W2363D has a trivial and unassuming exterior. It's got an all-black glossy plastic case such as abound in large quantities in every computer shop. If you tear off the Full HD 3D sticker, the monitor won't stand out among other products at all.

The case is all glossy at the back, too. There are VESA mounting holes here for compatible stands.


The monitor’s default stand only allows to adjust the tilt of the screen.

You can find a power connector, a DVI input and an analog audio input on the monitor’s back panel.


The side panel offers a headphones output (I guess that’s quite a proper location for that connector) and, surprisingly enough, as many as two HDMI inputs. I wouldn't call that a proper place because a stiff and thick HDMI cable is not going to look neat here. On the other hand, you have to connect this monitor via DVI to enable 3D mode, so most users won't utilize these HDMI ports.

The Flatron W2363D has touch-sensitive buttons except for one which is designed as a rotating lever. Oddly enough, this button, being the most conspicuous, performs the least useful function. It selects the operation mode of the decorative highlighting.

There is white highlighting called Tru-Light in the bottom part of the case. It is designed as concentric circles going out of a single center. These circles are going to pulsate beautifully in dynamic movie scenes and at loud sounds but I doubt many users will take note of this feature for more than a couple of times. It has no practical worth and the constant blinking below the screen will eventually get on your nerves.

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