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Additional Image Modes

The monitor features f-Engine technology for improving sharpness, contrast ratio and saturation. You can switch between f-Engine modes by pressing a single button. This kind of image processing is a matter of personal taste, but I want to check out the effect this technology has on the monitor’s color reproduction.

Both preset modes are about as bright as 250 nits. This is normal for movies, but rather too much for the Internet. I don’t know why the screen brightness is not set lower for browsing the Web. Well, there is a user-defined mode that you can set to your taste, but anyway.

The three basic colors all have high saturation in the Movie mode, especially green. Light halftones (in the top right of the diagram) are indistinguishable from white.

The Internet mode is somewhat less aggressive: it has an increased saturation of green only.

Thus, f-Engine technology is not going to be appreciated by people who like accurate color reproduction. Every mode distorts colors in some way. On the other hand, this is the purpose of the technology: to transform accurate colors into eye-pleasing colors. Unfortunately, the Flatron W2284F does not offer any modes that would only differ in brightness.


It is not quite clear why LG refers to the Flatron W2248F as to a premium class product. >From the point of view of its design, it can only offer a very slim case and an original design of the Power button. The glossy plastic is far from original today, and the smooth outline of the case is nothing new, either. The odd shape of the stand even spoils the aesthetic impression somewhat.

The W2284F is not quite good in terms of technical parameters. I could not find the option to enable the promised dynamic contrast of 30,000:1. The color reproduction setup is mediocre, with a strong deflection towards cold hues. The only positive things are the uniform brightness of the backlight and the combination of a good response time with a minimum of RTC-provoked artifacts. If it were not for the latter, the W2284F would not differ technically from most other modern 22-inch monitors at all.

The LG W2284F can be an interesting monitor for gamers thanks to its fast matrix and neat setup of the RTC mechanism. It may also be liked by people who take the monitor’s design into consideration, but it has a lot of opponents in this respect, from Samsung’s Touch of Color series to the above-discussed ASUS LS221H.

As for the price factor, this monitor is comparable or somewhat more expensive than its direct market opponents (I don’t count in the cheap models without a digital input).

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