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Onscreen Menu

The monitor has the standard menu of ASUS’s modern monitors.

The first menu tab is for choosing Splendid modes that set predefined values of brightness, contrast and color temperature. You can switch between these modes with the appropriate quick button without entering the menu, therefore it is unclear why this tab comes first.

Besides switching the Splendid modes, you can reset each of them. As opposed to other makers’ monitors, the LS221H gives the user the opportunity to adjust each of the preset modes.

The Standard mode is selected by default – it introduces no “enhancements” into the monitor’s color reproduction.

The second tab contains ordinary brightness and contrast settings. As you can see in the snapshot, the settings of sharpness, saturation and ASCR (it means ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio or dynamic contrast mode) are disabled. They only become available in Splendid modes other than Standard.

The third tab is about color temperature. Besides predefined modes and RGB sliders you can use the Skin Tone option to make skin tones more yellow or redder.

The third tab – Input Selection – actually duplicates the appropriate button on the monitor’s front panel.

The last tab contains a few additional monitor settings as well as options pertaining to the menu itself:

  • Light in Motion disables the above-described LED highlighting in the stand.
  • Aspect Controls offers two interpolation modes: full screen or 4:3 format with dark bands at the sides of the screen. The monitor does not support 16:9 format or pixel-per-pixel display.
  • OSD Setup is for choosing the position of the onscreen menu.
  • Language selects the language of the menu.
  • Information displays information about the monitor
  • Reset returns all settings to their factory defaults. To remind you, you can reset the settings of each Splendid mode (brightness, contrast, saturation and sharpness) in the first menu tab.

Apart from the customizable Splendid modes, the menu is quite ordinary and even not very handy. For some reason, the monitor with HDMI input does not support the aspect ratio of 16:9 all game consoles and players work with. If you connect it to your game console, the picture will be stretched out vertically to an aspect ratio of 16:10.

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