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Exterior Design and Ergonomics

The case of the iZ3D is made from black matte plastic, a light band on the side panels being the single adornment. The case is rather massive. It is definitely heavier than most of modern flat models, obviously due to the two LCD matrixes.

The stand allows to adjust the tilt of the screen. You can’t adjust the height of the screen or turn it around the vertical axis. There is a massive steel plate in the sole of the stand, so it makes the monitor very steady.

You can fasten the monitor on a standard VESA mount using the threaded holes in the back panel.

The LCD matrix has a glossy coating: it reflects the interior of our test lab in the photo above. Comparing the iZ3D with the Trimon, the latter seems to be more mirror-like.

The bottom of the case curves forward a little, putting the controls at your disposal. The buttons are standard: opening the menu, moving up and down, automatic adjustment, and power on/off.

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