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I was most surprised to find that the monitor’s menu consisted of only one setting of Brightness. There are no other items, sections or options in the menu besides what is shown above.

The iZ3D does not support software-based control, either. At least, Nicomsoft Display Tuner reported that it lacked a DDC/CI interface.

The Power indicator is located next to the corresponding button. It is blue at work and amber in sleep mode. Unfortunately, this indicator is blinking at a frequency of a few hertz, which is somewhat irritating. It is only shining constantly when the monitor and system are ready for stereo mode (I will explain this shortly). You cannot get rid of the blinking of the indicator in sleep mode.


The monitor is equipped with two digital DVI-I inputs and one analog D-Sub. It must be connected to the graphics card with two cables to enable stereo mode. That’s not a problem if you use a single-monitor configuration because modern mainstream and top-end graphics cards all have two DVI outputs. If you’ve got a dual-monitor configuration, you’ll have to buy a separate card for the second monitor. The Front and Back labels next to the connectors correspond to the front and back LCD matrixes of the monitor. The former rotates the polarization plane while the latter produces the image.

It is not easy to access the connectors. They are covered with the wide pole of the stand, and you have to lay the monitor on its side to attach the cables.

Two pairs of eyeglasses are included with the monitor. There are also clip-on lenses for people who wear ordinary glasses with diopters. The included eyeglasses have curved-in ends of the temples that press on your head behind the ears quite hard.

As I wrote above, the eyeglasses are two polarizers with polarization planes set at 90 degrees to each other. The monitor is working in ordinary 2D mode in the photo above: you can see that one lens is transparent while the other does not pass the light from the screen.

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