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The iZ3D stereo monitor left me with contradicting impressions. Its technology has superb potential but is currently accompanied with noticeable drawbacks.

As an ordinary “flat” monitor, the iZ3D doesn’t boast high quality of setup, yet it is better than the Zalman Trimon. As opposed to the latter, the iZ3D doesn’t have such artifacts that cannot be corrected with calibration. If set up accurately, it will be just as good as a regular 22-inch LCD monitor. So I have no doubts that the iZ3D is a truly universal monitor.

The stereo mode works, too. Unlike with the Zalman monitor, graphics cards from both AMD/ATI and Nvidia are supported, which makes the iZ3D far more appealing for those who have already bought a top-end card from AMD/ATI and do not want to replace it. The monitor supports Windows XP and Vista whereas Nvidia’s driver employed by Zalman can work only with Vista. The 3D picture has a resolution of 1680x1050 pixels and a refresh rate of 60Hz. Moreover, the iZ3D allows playing at nonnative resolutions stretched out to full screen whereas the Zalman Trimon can only produce the stereo effect when displaying the picture on pixel-per-pixel basis.

Unfortunately, these advantages are all negated by one defect. The left and right pictures are not separated fully, which leads to conspicuous and eye-straining artifacts in every game I have tried. Alas, this problem is so serious that I can’t recommend the iZ3D as a gaming monitor until the new version of the polarizing eyeglasses is released. Right now, both stereo monitors I have tested, the Zalman Trimon and the iZ3D, make you cry “wow” at first glance, but do not suit for continuous work or play either in 2D or in 3D mode due to various image quality problems. However, if the new eyeglasses help solve the mentioned defects, the iZ3D can prove to be far superior to Zalman’s model in both modes.

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