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23” and 24” Monitors

The previous market segment is all alive nowadays while monitors with really large screen diagonals have actually just begun to develop. There are few models in it today. I think this situation won’t last long as announcements of new products are becoming more frequent.

Monitors of that size have a native resolution of 1920x1200 pixels but can still work with any graphics card that has a DVI output. They don’t need a dual-link DVI interface some graphics card models are not equipped with yet.

Not all matrix manufacturing technologies were available in this market until recently as TN technology, which has poor vertical viewing angles, not very accurate reproduction of colors but a low manufacturing cost, was missing. This omission has been filled in with the Samsung SyncMaster 245B, and the Acer AL2416WBsd is going to join it soon. Other manufacturers will surely follow suit soon after.

Well, the single appealing trait of these monitors, especially considering that they employ rather slow matrixes without Response Time Compensation, is their low price. If you want to have a high image quality, you should instead search among other matrix types, *VA and S-IPS.

The Dell 2407WFP seems to be the leader among them in terms of price/quality ratio. It is a neat, ergonomic and properly set-up monitor based on an S-PVA matrix with Response Time Compensation. I can also point out the Samsung SyncMaster 244T that is free from some of the smaller drawbacks of the Dell but is somewhat less attractive externally due to its somewhat bulky case. It also comes at a higher price than the Dell 2407WFP. On the other hand, the 244T is going to be replaced with the SyncMaster 245T, which is an exciting product with rich setup options, an extended color gamut and a new technology for minimizing the sluggishness of LCD panels that is called MPA. Dell has also released an extended-gamut model called 2407WFP-HC but I haven’t yet had a chance to test it.

For users who need a finest reproduction of colors with flexible setup options NEC has released a new professional model with an S-IPS matrix. It is called NEC MultiSync LCD2490WUXi. Unfortunately, the cheaper MultiSync LCD2470WNX has a higher price than the above-mentioned monitors from Dell and Samsung while not surpassing them in its specified or real parameters.

So, the summary goes like this.

An inexpensive monitor with a high resolution for processing text, spreadsheets, etc:

  • Samsung SyncMaster 245B (review)

A universal monitor with good color reproduction, response time and functionality:

A monitor with uncompromising color reproduction for professional image-editing applications:

  • NEC MultiSync LCD2490WUXi
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