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24-27 Inch Models

This market sector is not as hopeless and uniform as the lower ones, but TN technology has already ensured a majority here, too. Still, there are PVA and S-IPS based models available.

To be specific, the Samsung SyncMaster 245T and Dell 2408WFP are good S-PVA based monitors with a native resolution of 1920x1200. It’s hard to choose the better one because the Dell looks prettier while the Samsung is handier thanks to its good onscreen menu. You should take a look at these models if you want to buy a 24-inch monitor with good viewing angles for reasonable money.

The PVA-based FP241W from BenQ is somewhat cheaper. It is inferior to the models from Dell and Samsung in exterior design, ergonomics and setup quality, but makes up for that with its lower price.

The choice is more limited among 26-27-inch monitors with matrixes other than TN: Samsung’s 275T and Dell’s 2707WFP are quite rare, so there is only NEC’s MultiSync LCD2690WUXi left if you need a large monitor. This monitor also suits for image processing, retouching and color correction applications, but the smaller pixel pitch of the 24-inch NEC MultiSync LCD2490WUXi makes it even more suitable for such jobs.

The 24-inch Apple Cinema Display with LED backlight is an interesting product, too, but its price is far from affordable and it has a mini-DisplayPort as video input. Although graphics cards and even mainboards with a DisplayPort interface sell already, I haven’t yet seen DisplayPort → mini-DisplayPort adapters.

Otherwise, the shops are full of TN-based models which differ from the smaller monitors with an almost total lack of response time compensation. BenQ’s E2400HD and ASUS’s MK241H and VK246H are the only models I can remember that have a specified response of 2 milliseconds (GtG). You may be interested in these two models if you need a fast monitor for dynamic games, but I have to confess that they don’t have any other special advantages.

The range of available 24-inchers is overall rather limited, anyway. The Samsung SyncMaster 2443BW is a home/business model with restrained design and good ergonomics. The SyncMaster 2433BW is almost the same but in a glossy case. The more expensive SyncMaster 2493HM differs with the exterior design only. So, if you are satisfied with the appearance of the 2443BW, there is no sense in paying extra for the 2493HM.

If design is important for you, the SyncMaster T240 may be your choice. Oddly enough, Samsung released the T240N model without a DVI interface. Of course, I don’t recommend it because image quality problems are very possible for analog connection at 1920x1200.

26-inch monitors are generally the same, except that there are no inexpensive products among them. For example, Samsung offers the SyncMaster T260 and 2693HM but there is no glossy and cheaper 26-inch counterpart to the 2443BW.

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