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30 Inch Models

It will take even less time to discuss the 30-inch than the 17-inch sector. The most notable change was the release of the Dell 3008WFP model equipped with a high-performance processor, a scaler for working at any resolution with interpolation, an onscreen menu and a full selection of inputs including analog S-Video and YPbPr. This had not been possible before because monitor processors had not been able to process a stream of data at 2560x1600x3x60 bytes-per-second in real time. The 3008WFP is quite costly at over $2000, though.

Besides, there has appeared a monitor that is positioned as professional even among the other 30-inch models. It is the NEC MultiSync 3090WQXi that features highest color accuracy and offers DICOM calibration for medical applications. Its high price is just as impressive as its capabilities.

But if you are satisfied with DVI connection at a resolution of 2560x1600 and think it normal for the onscreen menu to have only one option (Brightness), you may be interested in the cheaper Samsung SyncMaster 305T Plus.

There are other 30-inchers available, of course, for example the HP LP3065, but they differ little from each other. This is the opposite of the situation in the 17-inch sector: there is yet no need to cut the manufacturing cost in the 30-inch sector, so all such monitors are based on S-IPS and S-PVA matrixes and feature neat setup.

Take note that you need a graphics card with a dual-link DVI interface to work at a resolution of 2560x1600! All modern discrete graphics cards comply with this requirement, but it is unlikely that you’ll be able to make a 30-inch monitor work together with the graphics core integrated into your mainboard or notebook.

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