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Testing Methodology

Use the following link for a description of our testing methodology and the equipment we use as well as for a brief explanation of what the specified and tested parameters of LCD monitors mean: X-bit Labs Presents: LCD Monitors Testing Methodology In Depth. If you feel overwhelmed with the numbers and terms this article abounds in, check out an appropriate section of the mentioned article for explanation.

You can also check out the Monitors section of our site if this review doesn’t cover the model you are interested in.

NEC MultiSync EA231WMi: Specifications

The specified response time is unusually high for a modern monitor. Today’s monitors are mostly specified to be as fast as 8 milliseconds or better, but this one is as slow as 14 milliseconds.

Otherwise, the specs are ordinary enough, considering that the monitor owes its large viewing angles to its e-IPS matrix. It features dynamic contrast technology (although the dynamic contrast ratio is not high), screen height adjustment and portrait mode. The EA231WMi has a DisplayPort, so you can use it with AMD’s new ATI Radeon HD 5xxx series graphics cards as a third monitor (such graphics cards have two DVI outputs and one DisplayPort and all of these interfaces can be active simultaneously).

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