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Brightness and Contrast

By default the monitor’s contrast is set at 50% and brightness into the auto-adjustment mode. I turned the auto-adjustment off and selected 100% brightness to measure the monitor’s brightness and contrast ratio myself. To achieve my reference point of 100 nits I selected 30% brightness and 37.5% contrast.

The monitor’s max brightness is 290 nits which is even higher than specified by the manufacturer. The contrast ratio is somewhat lower than 700:1, so this e-IPS matrix is as good as modern TN matrixes but interior to C-PVA in this respect. The dynamic contrast mode is not aggressive: the backlight brightness range is not wide, so the resulting contrast ratio is even lower than 1000:1. Well, dynamic contrast is only useful for movies and some people don’t like it even then.

Take note that the results are identical at the default (50% contrast and 100% brightness) and maximum (100% both) settings. It means that contrast has already reached its maximum at 50%. When you increase this setting higher, you don’t make the image brighter but lose light halftones as they begin to be displayed the same as pure white. I don’t know why NEC sets its monitors up in such a way that half the contrast regulation scale is virtually useless, but it is not the first time I see such setup.

Backlight Uniformity

The average nonuniformity of black brightness is 7.5% with a maximum deflection of 24.2%. For white brightness, the average and maximum are 5.4% and 16.4%, respectively. As you can see in the diagrams above, there is a cross-shaped brighter spot when the monitor is all black. It is especially bright in the bottom right corner of the screen (this often depends on the particular sample of the monitor, though). This irregularity of brightness won’t be distracting at work. But if you are watching a movie under dim ambient lighting, the corners of the screen are going to look brighter against a dark background.

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