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The NEC MultiSync EA231WMi is a very good monitor for people who need high color accuracy, who do not like the narrow viewing angles of popular TN-based monitors, but who cannot afford a monitor with an S-IPS matrix.

Compared to S-IPS, the single notable difference of the e-IPS matrix installed in the EA231WMi is in the viewing angles: when viewed sideways, the image on the e-IPS matrix loses its contrast, getting whitish. However, this effect is no stronger than with TN and PVA matrixes and is not accompanied with a tonal shift typical of these two matrix types. Besides, the vertical viewing angles are narrower than the horizontal ones with TN matrixes whereas they are equal with e-IPS.

Although I did not see this with the few samples I’ve checked out myself, I must warn you that some users have complained about color temperature irregularities of their EA231WMi: when displaying a gray background, the corners of the screen would be greenish or pinkish. Be careful and check your monitor out for this defect. It should be perfectly visible even in the tumult of a computer shop if you fill the screen with gray.

Overall, there is only one serious and uncorrectable flaw I can find with the MultiSync EA231WMi. I mean its rather high response time, of course. But if this parameter is unimportant for you, the EA231WMi will make an excellent all-purpose monitor for home and work, including image-processing applications. It is going to be a real gift for many amateur photographers as an optimal alternative to expensive S-IPS and to cheap but not very color-accurate TN matrixes.

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