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NEC MultiSync P221W

This model has intrigued many users even with its name. NEC traditionally releases professional products in its UX or SX series like the 2090UXi, 2190UXp, 2690WUXi, etc, but the MultiSync P221W is named according to some new naming scheme. This raised suspicions that the P221W might be an ordinary consumer product based on a PVA matrix and inferior to the UX series.

These suspicions seem to have no ground, though. The specifications of the P221W are up to the professional monitor class. Particularly, it allows to hardware-calibrate the internal 10-bit LUT by means of an optional SpectraView II kit (but I must admit that the 21-inch MultiSync LCD2190UXp had a 12-bit LUT).

NEC has also released a rather low-end MultiSync E221W that has nearly nothing in common with the P221W apart from the similarity of names. The E221W is based on a TN matrix with a response time of 5 milliseconds.


The specs are standard enough for a PVA matrix. The response time of 16 milliseconds is rather typical of RTC-less matrixes and would mean a very slow PVA matrix. Fortunately, the P221W has RTC technology and the full product description at the manufacturer’s website says that it has a GtG response time of 6 milliseconds only.

The viewing angles are measured according to the “honest” method (for a contrast ratio reduction to 10:1). In fact, 178 degrees is the maximum possible value – 89 degrees into either side. You just cannot achieve a specified viewing angle of 90 degrees whatever you do with the matrix. So, I guess the manufacturers should think about introducing some new and better measurement method, though I doubt they will adopt it in near future.

The monitor’s DVI input is of the universal DVI-I variety that allows to connect both digital (DVI-D) and analog (DVI-A) sources. The P221W also has an analog D-Sub connector.

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