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Color Temperature

The P221W is set up quite well in terms of color temperature. The average values correspond to the names of the modes and there is a small dispersion of temperature between the levels of gray.

The CIE diagram shows that there is no deflection towards pink or green in any mode, save for Native.

Response Time

Equipped with response time compensation, the monitor is quite fast. Its response time average is 8.6 milliseconds (GtG) with a maximum of 19 milliseconds. Fastidious gamers may find this rather slow, but most users are going to be satisfied with the P221W even when playing dynamic games.

RTC technology leads to visuals artifacts that show up as white or rainbow trails behind moving objects. Fortunately, these artifacts are low on the MultiSync P221W. The RTC error average is 3.7% with a maximum of about 24%. You can see the artifacts only if you are looking for them. They are not disturbing at all in typical applications and games.

Additional Image Modes

There are no additional image modes – quickly selectable presets of brightness and contrast or enhanced-color modes – in the P221W.

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