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Without a doubt the NEC MultiSync P221W is an interesting product for users who want to have a monitor with good color reproduction. It is interesting not even for its combination of a PVA matrix and 22-inch format, but with the PVA matrix alone. Alas, LCD technologies other than TN have become too rare.

When it comes to image quality, the MultiSync P221W takes a midway position between TN-based models with their poor vertical viewing angles and (often) sloppy setup and expensive S-IPS-based professional products. For example, the classic NEC MultiSync LCD2190UXi costs about 50% more than the P221W.

Good color accuracy, excellent ergonomics, and an abundance of setup options are added to the good viewing angles and high contrast ratio of the PVA matrix. The P221W is going to be a good choice if you need accurate colors but cannot afford a professional S-IPS model.

As for the downside, the P221 has good, but not perfect, factory setup, a 10-bit LUT instead of the 12-bit one in the UX series monitors. It also has the problem of vanishing darks when the screen is looked directly at (this can partially be solved by adjusting the level of black). Well, all of this only matters if you work with images seriously. The P221W is going to be a good option if you just want a high-quality monitor.

It suits for home use, too. With an average response time of less than 10 milliseconds, you are not going to have any problems in games or movies.


  • Neat color reproduction setup
  • Large viewing angles
  • Good uniformity of backlight brightness
  • Low response time
  • Rich settings
  • Option of automatic brightness adjustment depending on the ambient lighting
  • Height adjustment and portrait mode


  • Problem with dark halftones when the screen is looked at directly
  • No preset image modes
  • Massive case
  • Rather high price
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