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Samsung SyncMaster 172S (MO17ESZS)

The parameters of this display repeat those of its predecessor, SyncMaster 171S: 250nit brightness, 350:1 contrast ratio, 140/120 viewing angles (horizontal/vertical), 25ms response time. The main innovation is the case. Samsung abandoned the bulky cases typical of 171 family and the new displays are among the most compact in this roundup. The case itself resembles that of 171N model, but thinner, as the power unit is external. The base has been changed most dramatically:

This design solution allows changing the tiling of the screen up to the horizontal position when the screen is folded with the base into one (thus you can mount it on the wall, all necessary accessories, screws and the like, coming with the display). The base also allows a small adjustment of the screen height. Besides, the base has integrated speakers (in the multimedia version of the display) and input sockets. I have to admit that this is one of the best display case designs. In fact, there is only one drawback: it is impossible to work in the portrait mode (because of the connectors in the base; the base cannot be detached from the screen and doesn’t comply with the VESA standard). In any other respect, the new case is up to the mark.

The menu is the same for all Samsung models. It is easy to navigate through. Quick access buttons are assigned to brightness and auto-adjustment. The buttons are small but easy to press.

The real parameters of the display don’t greatly differ from its predecessors. Viewing angle is good from the side or from above, but worse from below. So, the larger share of the specified 120 degrees of vertical viewing angle relates to the upper sector. Screen brightness is at the same level as in 171S: 33% of both brightness and contrast were comfortable for work.

The measured response time was good, although not excellent: 22ms pixel rise time and 4ms pixel fall time. We even noticed a slight blurring on the screen.

Pixel rise time

Pixel fall time

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