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NEC MultiSync LCD1701

This is one of the latest models from NEC featuring a very fast matrix; the manufacturer says its response time is only 16ms (12ms pixel rise and 4ms pixel fall time). Viewing angles are 140 degrees (both horizontal and vertical); brightness is 260nit and contrast ratio – 450:1.

The display is very compact, its framing is just one centimeter and a half wide. The base allows adjusting the tiling of the display, but not the height.

The menu is rather average in its user-friendliness; brightness and contrast are quick-accessed. The display can automatically set itself up when the refresh rate or resolution change (NEC calls it Non Touch Auto Adjustment – NTAA). There is only one unpleasant thing about the controls. The names of the buttons are made by extrusion, without any color. So, with a black display I couldn’t see those names at all. You can either rely on your sense of touch or pop your eyes out trying to make out what this or that button serves for. It took me about fifteen minutes to learn the names by heart and I had no problems after that. Still, it is a pity that the manufacturer didn’t bother to add some silver paint into the markings on the buttons…

Viewing angle is quite average. When viewed from below, the screen appears completely dark. When viewed from above, it shows a wide dark band. So, I would say that the specified vertical angle of 140 degrees is a small overstatement. Moreover, when you look at the screen from aside, the image worsens much earlier than the specified 70 degrees. The display has a good reserve of brightness and contrast: I set them to 45% of the maximum at work.

During the tests the display showed a record-breaking response time of 16ms (12ms pixel rise and 4ms pixel fall time). These values fully comply with the specifications. The backlight lamp modulates at 220Hz. Modulation depth was about 20% even at the maximum brightness.

Pixel rise time

Pixel fall time

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