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So, we have tested eleven LCD displays with a diagonal of 18” or 19” from different price ranges. Now I will try to repeat my remarks about the displays and make some comparisons. First, as I have said above, that all the displays included into this review have good viewing angles. Of course, they differ among themselves in this parameter, but very slightly. In many cases, you won’t distinguish between a viewing angle of 150 and of 160 degrees. Let me remind you that in our 17” LCD Displays Review we had some models differing in viewing angles by 40-50 degrees!

The response time characteristic is curious enough. Firstly, I have to acknowledge that there are no fast matrixes for big LCD displays. Meanwhile, you can find a 17” model with 16ms response time, provided at the expense of color rendition and viewing angles. The matrixes of 18” and larger don’t offer this choice.

Secondly, the tests proved that the response time of many displays springs up when the contrast is reduced (and the brightness of the screen is usually so high that you have to drop the contrast for comfortable work). Some manufacturers do allow adjusting the contrast without the tradeoff of higher response time, but such models are rare. So, I have a piece of advice for those of you who are about to shop: when choosing a display, pay attention to the response time with the brightness settings, which you are going to use at work.

Thirdly, the regulation of the display brightness through pulse-width modulation of the power of the backlight lamps, which is often considered a drawback, is actually an advantage. A striking example is Sony SDM-HS93 that controls the brightness through the matrix, not the lamps. It has an incredibly (and unacceptably) high response time when the contrast is reduced.

I would also like to say a few words about each of the manufacturers. The two displays from Iiyama are priced very high, but regrettably don’t show any qualities to justify the money. The AS4611UT model is simply depressing. Even its functionality is far behind that of the other displays reviewed.

The displays from LG are much more worthy products. They combine adequate price, good characteristics and great functionality. Moreover, the manufacturer offers models for different user categories, so you can make your choice with more precision: from simple ones to displays with a DVI input and the support of the portrait mode.

Unfortunately, we got only one model from NEC for this roundup and even this one is somewhat out-dated. I hope we will make amends to NEC for this soon. Anyway, this display performed well enough, and surpassed some newer models from other makers in several parameters.

The displays from Samsung also left a good impression. I can’t call them perfect or ideal, but they fully match their own pricing and offer good parameters. The tiny level of black at a low screen brightness by SM 191N is the most impressive. both tested models showed small response time, not depending on the contrast setting. They also have a high frequency of the backlight lamp modulation, which is above 500Hz. Some people say they notice the flicker at 200Hz modulation, so these two displays will suit them just perfectly.

The displays from Sony are hard to describe in one word. While SDM-S81R has good, if not excellent, characteristics, its predecessor, SDM-S81, definitely loses to the competitors in every single parameter. The newest model, SDM-HS93, boasts pretty design. On the other hand, the design proved to be not practical, while the display parameters are more likely to be described as average. Only the response time was far from trivial: when brightness and contrast were reduced, the display provided such a picture that you could hardly work even in office applications.

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