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And really, the color curves have a noticeably worse shape than the ones of the previous specimen, although they are still acceptable. The blue color is too high in the second half of the range, while red is down in two thirds of it. That’s why we have the big difference between the color temperatures: in the middle of the range, where the gray temperature is measured, we have too much of blue and too little of red.

The same goes for 100nit screen brightness:

The response time measurements produced very good results, though. Even subjectively, the display seems to be fast (although I can’t say it is the fastest; for example, the Acer AL1911 made a better impression). The measurements prove the point: the full response time is always below the specified value of 25ms. Talking about subjective impressions, I would like to mention the viewing angles. They are nearly perfect: the image is visible even if your line of sight is parallel to the screen. At the same time, there was a serious defect. I couldn’t get a crisp image with either auto-adjustment or manual tweaking. The image remained “fuzzy” in spite of my efforts. This may the problem of the particular display with a particular graphics card (I used a Matrox Millennium in the testbed), but you should better be careful when shopping and check the image sharpness more carefully.

Pixel rise time

Pixel fall time

The brightness and contrast ratio parameters are good (0,16nit at 100nit brightness looks really nice, though). All values are a little worse than those of the previously tested SyncMaster 191N. Anyway, these results are among the best of all the displays we test today.

Summing it up, I can definitely say that the display hasn’t just changed the base: its electronic stuffing is different, too. And this told negatively on the parameters – the color rendition grew worse, the picture looks a little more “fuzzy”… On the other hand, thanks to the good black color, low response time and low pricing, this display still remains a good choice in the budget sector.

The color profile for the Samsung SyncMaster 191N display: sm191n.icm.

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